Updated 11/09/23

Executive Director is an ex officio/non-voting member of all committees, except the Governance Committee.

Note: OLT Board Committees should have no more than a quorum (a majority of directors) minus one of board members on the committee. Currently this would be no more than 4 board members on any committee.

Executive (EC) (Per Bylaws)

Chair: Roger C ()

Membership: Patrick C, Jon F

Membership guideline: Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, Treasurer

  • Board of Directors shall elect an Executive Committee by the election of officers at the Annual Meeting that shall serve until the following Annual Meeting. Committee membership is defined in the Bylaws.

  • Responsible for the general supervision of the affairs of the Corporation.

  • Shall meet at such times and places as designated by the Board Chair.

  • May, between regular meetings of the board, but never in substitution for such meetings, exercise the powers as authorized by the Board of Directors, except as prohibited by the Colorado Corporation Act.

  • A majority of the members of the EC present and voting shall be binding as to the action taken by the EC.

Governance Committee (Formerly Board Development-BDC)

Co-Chairs: Jim Manly, Jon F ()

Membership: John S, Dan J, Myron H, Aleia S, Mike A, Terry S, Scott M

Membership guideline: Board and public

Responsibility: Advertise for, recommend and familiarize new Board members. Educate and improve current Board members. Addressing matters of the overall health and effectiveness of the governance of the organization.

Mission Statement (short): To select and recommend to the Board a diverse and thoughtful candidate pool for future Director positions and to oversee the Board evaluation processes as well as promoting adherence to OLT policies.

Mission Statement (full): To foster a strong OLT Board of Directors by promoting Board vacancies to an audience of viable candidates; researching, interviewing and screening Board applicants; seeking directors with a diversity of skills, expertise and minority representation; recommending candidates for election to the Board; mentoring newly elected directors; administering self-evaluations to existing and retiring directors; offering ongoing support, education and development to directors; and ensuring Board compliance with the by-laws of OLT.

Membership Guidelines:
• GC will consist of at least 5 members
• One Co-Chair will always be a BoD member and the other a non-board member appointed by the board
• As per OLT resolution, there will never be more than a Board quorum, minus one, of Board members on the GC
• The GC will actively seek non-board members for committee membership
• The Executive Director may not be a member
• The term of participation on the GC shall be no longer than three (3) years, renewable at the discretion of 2/3 of the majority the committee
• Committee selection of the non-board Co-Chair will take place yearly prior to the July Board meeting 

External Affairs Committee (Formerly Resource Development-RDC)

Chair: Susan H ()

Membership: Dorothy L, Doug Bates, Suzanne R, Lindsey H, Cherrye O, Jon F, Suzanne M, John M, Will L

Responsibility: There is consensus that public relations, publicity, outreach and the overall clarity and consistency of the OLT message is intimately tied to fundraising and resource development and so this committee will help with policy related to these areas.

Mission statement (short): To take a substantial role with staff to research, develop, and conduct comprehensive fundraising activities, and to create outreach activities to OLT members and the public.

Mission Statement (full): The External Affairs Committee is responsible for the direction and oversight of OLT's fundraising and resource development needs, public relations, outreach to members, publicity, and marketing as determined by the Board and staff. This committee promotes development of partnerships with business leaders, organizations, and others to accomplish the mission of OLT through collaborative efforts where possible. This committee provides active leadership in the planning and operation of the following:

  • Overseeing development of a strategy for communications to members, including but not limited to newsletters, website messages, visitor surveys, and member appreciation events, and for outreach to the public. This communication strategy should be updated annually, and presented to the Board for approval.
  • Overseeing development of an annual plan for fundraising activities, in alignment with OLT’s Mission, Strategic Plan, and capital budget plans. Fundraising functions may include but are not limited to donor events, fundraising dinners, phone and letter solicitations, and solicitation of grants that align with OLT's Mission and Strategic Plan. This annual plan should be presented to the Board for their approval.
  • Recruiting volunteers as needed, including members of the Board.
  • Ensuring brand consistency for all marketing and outreach activities.


Internal Affairs Committee (Formerly Investment Committee)

Chair: Scott H ()

Members: Martin J, Myron H, Scott M, Patrick C

Membership guideline: In an effort to establish processes and procedures for an effective financial oversight function that will span future Boards.:

  • The Internal Affairs Committee consists of at least five (5) members;
  • the Board always be represented on the committee by the OLT Board Treasurer;
  • At least three (3) members of the current Board sit on the Committee;
  • That the term of engagement of the Board members on the Committee be two (2) years, renewable at the discretion of a 2/3 majority of the full Board;
  • That the Board actively seek, at a minimum, one (1) non-Board member for the Committee;
  • That the term of participation on the Committee for this non-Board member be no longer than two (2) years, renewable at the discretion of a 2/3 majority of the full Board;
  • That this non-Board member be well versed in investments when possible, preferably being actively employed, or having been employed in the past, in either the investment, banking, or accounting industries;
  • That the Board reimburse to this non-Board member all expenses incurred in the furtherance of OLT interests as part of the Committee; and
  • That the Board provides appropriate insurance coverage to this non-Board member, indemnifying the Committee participant from exposure to financial risk for activities consistent with Prudent Investor actions.

 Responsibility: There is consensus that this committee be created with the prime directive of financial oversight and related areas of responsibility including  budget, investment, administration and human resource policies.

Mission Statement (full): The mission of the Internal Affairs Committee is

  • To provide stewardship of OLT finances, investment, budget ,administration and human resources policies guidance
  • To recommend policies and procedures to safeguard organization monetary assets;
  • To secure maximum income from funds under management in accordance with prudent investment policies approved by the Board
  • As much as practicable, to monitor state and federal legislation that impacts upon investment and portfolio management of endowment, restricted funds, and operating funds.
  • Meetings will be held at least quarterly and more often as needed, usually by teleconference. The committee will keep minutes of its proceedings and report its activities and recommendations quarterly to the Board of Directors.

Membership guideline: Chair: appointed by Board; 1+ Board members; 1+ non-Board members and/or staff; ex-officio members: Executive Director, Treasurer

Site Planning (SPC)

Chair: Mike A. ()

Membership: Don G, Mark J, David M, Scott H, Randy S

Membership guideline: Board, staff and public

Responsibility: To make recommendations regarding short and long range facilities in the Valley View village building envelope.

Mission Statement (short): Develop by research, consultation, and consensus a step-wise series of plans for short and long term development of facilities and village preservation in the VVHS building envelope for Board consideration.

Mission Statement (full): Within the scheduling framework of the Site Plan Task Force timeline, the Site Plan Committee will create and recommend a site plan for the Valley View village area of OLT. The Site Plan Committee will explore options, integrate temporary needs and long range goals, and recommend short and long term village site plan changes based on overarching communal values of the OLT community, Board, Staff, Visitors, and Donors, weighing visitor desires, safety, and budget constraints:

  • maintain the simple, historic, rustic nature of the village

  • encourage the community feeling of like-minded people of all ages and walks of life

  • preserve personal contact with nature

  • promote naturism while preserving choice

  • engender respect of nature, other people, alternative energy and natural resources among the OLT community

  • optimize visitor experience of the hot springs through carefully considered limitation of use

  • preserve village environment by careful design of placement of new facilities

  • promote the cycle of sustainability

  • maintain the quality of the visitor experience at a reasonable price

  • preserve and promote the natural environment

  • uphold the requirements of The Nature Conservancy Conservation Easement

  • uphold the components of the OLT Mission Statement and guidelines


Chair: Bill M ()

Membership: Geneva M, Victor K, Cynthia N, David M, Sarah H, Martin J, Brent N

Membership guideline: Board members, ED, and interested public

Mission Statement (short): Identify conservation priorities and opportunities at OLT; support efforts to monitor and improve conservation; advise and advocate conservation priorities to the OLT Board of Directors with the goal of attaining the highest standards for land preservation.

Mission Statement (full): The Conservation Committee will work to:

  • help the OLT community understand the OLT's conservation goals and everyone's part in achieving those goals
  • develop a monitoring plan for OLT parcels that are not being monitored as part of a conservation easement
  • ensure compliance with existing easement obligations
  • prioritize conservation needs and projects with the goal of protecting native species, improving habitat, and managing invasive species
  • review the comprehensive Land Conservation Strategy for OLT and recommend modifications to the Strategy as necessary
  • monitor the status of relevant fundraising efforts (including grants and private donations) for land conservation or candidate projects
  • monitor changes, issues and policies of the land conservation movement and keep the BOD apprised and informed on important developments.


Long Term Vision Committee (LTVC) (Task Force Became Committee on 01/20/2018)

Chair: Patrick C and Mike A ()

Membership:  Scott H, Geneva M,  Doug Bates, Scott M , Mike A, Don G, John S

Membership guideline: Board members, ED, and interested public

Mission Statement (short): There is consensus that the work of this Task Force is not limited to one definable goal or milestone but is an ongoing process that will inform other plans and policies.

Mission Statement (full): This is in development.  The first order of business will be the Strategic Plan revision.


Firewise Taskforce

Chair: Allegra T ()

Membership: RJ, Henry H, Crystal E, Doug B, Shannon M, Mark J, Bill M, Scott M

Membership guideline: Board members, ED, and interested public



For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.