Terms of Admission

Our goal is to preserve the comfort of all visitors and ensure that all visitors can enjoy their experience here. Three simple principles form the core of all OLT management. 

Recognition ... Respect ... Responsibility

All guests are provided with specific guidelines, reminding them of the sensitive nature of each property and others they share it with.

Visitor Guide - Valley View Hot Springs
Visitor Guide - Orient Mine
Visitor Guide - Everson Ranch

OLT's policies apply to every person who visits the Orient Land Trust's property. They formalize these Guidelines if ever clarification be required. OLT's makes these policies easy to find and presents each as clearly and transparently as possible. The policies are also available as a booklet available at the Welcome Center.

Orient Land Trust makes every effort to solicit and utilize suggestions from contributors and visitors. In order to continue to serve you well, your input is essential. We invite you to make your thoughts known by one of the following methods:

  • emailing us at
  • calling us at 719-256-4315
  • mailing us at PO Box 65, Villa Grove, CO 81155
  • speaking with staff

Admission Requirements

Approved ____

  • All visitors are asked to register each time they visit.
  • Parents or guardians must list all children accompanying them. [Details]
  • Pets must also be listed. A pet fee is required at Valley View. [Details]
  • Each adult visitor may be required to present a photo identification on their first visit or as needed.

Admission Limits

Admission limits serve to reduce the influence of an individual or group over the other visitors present.

Every visitor is limited to no more than 10 days (9 nights) per month.

The size of a group is limited. The limit depends on season, day of week and overnight use type. The limit is no more than 10 people. A group can be an extended family, friends, co workers, clubs and the like.

Advance Reservation Limits

Join Orient Land Trust and help support our mission.
Your OLT Annual Contributor status determines how far ahead you may call for a reservation:

PATRONS or above ($175 or over annual contribution) may call 3 months in advance for reservations.
SUPPORTERS ($85 - $174 annual contribution) may call 2 months in advance for reservations.
FRIENDS ($35 - $84 annual contribution) may call 1 month in advance for reservations.
GENERAL PUBLIC cannot make advance reservations but may call same day to reserve a spot.

These reservation benefits are good for one year from the date of your tax-deductible contribution!

See a complete list of benefits for all membership levels.

Calling to confirm availability is always recommended. The earliest you may call for a reservation is the same date you desire to arrive 3, 2, 1 month or 2 weeks earlier. For example, two months before an arrival date of June 10th is 9am on April 10th.

Both day and overnight use of Orient Land Trust is subject to daily quotas. All use may be reserved in advance. Reservations are highly recommended and is the only way of ensuring admission. Walk-ins will be admitted on a space available basis if quotas are not filled. See information about admission requirements, user fees, pets etc.

Orient Land Trust and Valley View Hot Springs are open to the public on weekends as well as weekdays.

Use will be limited by quotas from May through October, with a separate quota for each type of use (day visitors, overnight guests). These limits help ensure that Orient Land Trust is not overused and that all visitors continue to enjoy a quality experience.

Reservations will be taken for weekend or holiday day use from May through October. Reservations are highly recommended, as they are the only way of guaranteeing admittance on a weekend or holiday (if quotas are reached). See "Reservation Policy" below.

All pet owners will be required to pay pet fees each time they bring their pets (see Rates). See Pet Information.

Naturist Society members and their household will receive a three dollar discount per person per day or night. OLT encourages you to join or renew your Naturist Society membership using the OLT Annual Contribution form.

Learn more about joining The Naturist Society.

Reservation Policy

Reviewed 02/18/15

Reservations to Valley View Hot Springs may be made for either one Cabin or one Sunset Room or one Vehicle campsite or up to two Tent sites or up to two rooms or beds in the Oak House. Except for Cabins and Vehicle campsites, reservations are for a type of lodging / camping only; you are not reserving a specific campsite or Sunset or Oak House room. If you do have a specific room preference please let us know - we will try to keep you there but cannot guarantee specific rooms. See Accommodation Availability Calendar.

Pet Policy

Reviewed 02/18/15

  • Register your pets each time you bring them.
  • Keep pets leashed or contained at all times. Do not leave unattended.
  • Leash must be connected to pet and held by a person, or tethered to immovable object at other end.
  • Absolutely no pets in the pools or ponds, Spruce Rooms, Sunset Rooms, Oak House, restrooms, sauna or Welcome Center.
  • Be sure pets are comfortable being tethered and out of the way of other people.
  • Keep pets quiet; barking or whining or longer than three minutes is not acceptable.
  • No aggressive behavior toward wildlife, people or other pets.
  • Keep pets off beds in accommodations.
  • Extra cleaning or any damage will forfeit your pet deposit.
  • Remember to clean up after your pet. Poop bags provided.
  • Ask staff about good places to exercise your pets.

Pet Information

  • Although many visitors prefer to not have pets allowed here, we try to preserve the privilege to visit with your favorite pet. Please ensure that the privilege continues.
  • If warranted, you might not be able to return with your pet, you could be asked to leave immediately or you might be excluded from the property in the future.
  • If you feel that you may not be able to comply or you are uncomfortable with these conditions, please do not bring your pet.

Rules For Pet Owners

  1. You are always responsible for your pet even if you leave your pet unattended in an accommodation, vehicle or campsite.
  2. The pet must be controlled by a short leash or contained. Leashed means that one end is attached to the pet and the other attached to you or an immovable object. Leashes must be no longer than 6 feet and not in the way of foot traffic. Leashes are available.
  3. Pets are not allowed in the Restrooms, Oak House, Sunset Rooms or Saunas. These are confined public spaces where pets are inappropriate for a variety of reasons.
  4. Absolutely NO pets in the pools or ponds.
  5. Your pet must not be excessively noisy such as whining or barking for more than three minutes.
  6. Clean up after your pet. Bags are available at the Welcome Center or find them on the post next to the sidewalk going to Main Restroom .
  7. Repairs or unusual cleaning of an accommodation resulting from a pet may be charged additional cleaning or damage fees. No pets are allowed on the beds.
  8. Aggressive behavior towards wildlife, people or other pets is absolutely not allowed.

If these rules are violated:

  • Your pet may have to leave the premises.
  • You may not be able to visit in the future.

You are welcome to unleash your dog at the Orient Mine area, however rules number 1, 6 and 8 still apply.

Camera Policy

Website Information Reviewed 02/18/15

Cap and pack camera device away around others for everyone's comfort.  Focus on landscape, wildlife, consenting friends and family only.


Cell Phone Policy

Approved February 1, 2010

A new cell phone tower has recently been erected along County Rd 61 just northwest of the Everson Ranch. This may dramatically improve cell coverage for many guests at Valley View, and in light of this we are updating our cell phone policy. Therefore...
In the interest of peace, quiet, and protecting the special "get away from it all" atmosphere that guests cherish at OLT.
Cell Phone voice, text, and internet usage is permitted ONLY in the following areas:

1 - Anywhere below the entrance gate near the Welcome Center... on the road or parking area, on the front porch or inside the Welcome Center (open 24 hours a day)
2 - Anywhere inside a Private Room, Cabin, Vehicle, or Camper / RV

The "Quiet Zones" are...

a) Anywhere in all Pool, Pond, Sauna, and Deck areas
b) Public spaces of all buildings beyond the entrance gate, including the Oak House living room, kitchen and dorm room, the Sunset Rooms kitchen, all Bathrooms, and the Pavilion.
c) Anywhere Outdoors in the Tent or Vehicle camping areas
d) Anywhere Outdoors in Public Parking Areas, Roads, and Trails above the Welcome Center gate.

In the "Quiet Zones", please keep your cell phones, iPhones, Blackberrys, etc. turned OFF in order to help preserve the peaceful atmosphere of Orient Land Trust and to not disturb your fellow guests. This includes use of laptops for Skype or other internet-based phone systems. Many hot springs - particularly clothing optional ones - do not allow cell phone use at all due to noise issues plus the presence of cameras in virtually every cell phone. Orient Land Trust is trying to deal with unwanted noise and privacy concerns while still allowing reasonable phone use within short walking distance of wherever you are. OLT and your fellow guests thank you for your cooperation!

Cancellation Policy

Website Information Reviewed 02/18/15

Cancellation Policy
The following cancellation fees apply for any reservation cancellation or major change of a reservation:

Private Accommodations (large cabin, small cabin, or Sunset Room)
$20 forfeit for calling more than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$30 forfeit for calling less than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$50 forfeit for not calling and not arriving (no-show)

All other overnight uses (Oak House, Tent camping, Vehicle camping)
$10 forfeit for calling more than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$15 forfeit for calling less than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$25 forfeit for not calling and not arriving (no-show)

Day use visits. Please call as early as possible to cancel or change your reservation
nothing forfeit for calling more than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$5 forfeit for calling less than 2 weeks in advance of arrival
$15 forfeit for not calling and not arriving (no-show)

Change of Reservation Policy

Reviewed 02/18/15

Cancellation fees apply to changing a reservation.


Vendor Policy

Effective October 15, 2013


Orient Land Trust (OLT) is a Colorado non- profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. OLT derives a portion of its revenues from, and expends a portion of its resources on, an operating asset known as Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS).

This operating asset is owned by OLT and operating results are consolidated annually with the financial statements of OLT.

Recognizing that the vending of goods and services has enhanced the visitor experience at VVHS for many years, OLT will continue to allow vending on OLT grounds, subject to certain limitations and restrictions enumerated in this Vendor Policy. In the past, Vendors at OLT have been allowed to sell goods or provide services at OLT without payment of any vendor fee to OLT. 

As of May 1, 2010, OLT will “rent daily space” to Vendors of goods and receive a payment per session rate from massage therapists. OLT’s thousands of visitors annually provide potential customers or clients for Vendors. 

OLT believes that this new Vendor Policy is a reasonable compromise for all concerned and in the best interests of OLT, its visitors, and Vendors. Implementation of this Policy will allow sales of goods and services to continue at OLT, while providing needed revenue to OLT to account for the staff time required to give attention to vendor issues and to account for the "real estate" that OLT will provide to Vendors.


Vendors of Goods or Services are Independent Contractors and not employees of OLT. Vendors operate on OLT property as tenants at- will and have no contract rights with OLT. Vendors pay OLT a daily fee in exchange for the space OLT provides them to sell their goods or offer their services. By allowing a Vendor to provide goods or services on OLT property, OLT in no way condones the Vendors’ actions or behavior. While OLT provides guidelines to Vendors and visitors, OLT has no control over how a Vendor may carry out his/her business. OLT merely rents space to Vendors on habitable, suitable premises.

While OLT’s visitor guidelines apply to all visitors, staff and volunteers on OLT property, OLT does not supervise its individual visitors and is not responsible for their actions or behavior. Similarly, OLT assumes no responsibility for the actions or behavior of Vendors while at OLT. If anyone has any dissatisfaction with a Vendor, OLT asks that a report be made to OLT personnel in the same manner as any other complaint, incident, or accident would be reported. Such a report will be investigated in a manner similar to any other complaint, incident or accident on OLT property. 


OLT has absolute discretion to remove a Vendor from OLT property at any time for any length of time, including prohibiting the Vendor from ever returning to OLT. If OLT determines a Vendor must leave the property before the end of the day because of misconduct or for another reason, the Vendor forfeits his/her daily Vendor Fee to OLT. OLT reserves the right to remove any Vendor from OLT property at any time for any reason. 

IV. VENDORS OF GOODS (Jewelry, Clothing, etc.)

A. Upon their arrival, and on any subsequent days that they propose to vend goods, all  Vendors must inform OLT that they intend to sell goods on OLT grounds that day.  The Vendor Waiver and Release form must be completed and signed unless it is already on file at the Welcome Center.

B. Vending of goods is limited to the following areas:  the Pavilion, the picnic tables near the “Kids Pool.”

C. Vending of goods is not permitted in the following areas: Any lodging buildings, the Welcome Center, decks, patios, or other areas around the sauna, pools, or ponds, the road to the Orient Mine or at any location not specifically mentioned above in subsection B. 

D. A non- refundable Vendor Fee of $20 per day must be paid upon admission to OLT / VVHS. The daily Vendor Fee must be paid at the start of each additional day that the Vendor plans to sell items on OLT grounds.

E. In addition to the daily Vendor Fee, Vendors of Goods will pay the usual and customary Lodging / Camping / Use fees for admission to and accommodations at OLT.

F. OLT reserves the right to prohibit vending of inappropriate items or goods such as those that would require licenses or permits (e.g., perishable food items).

G. If a Vendor is found to be in violation of any of these rules, s/he will be prohibited from vending at OLT for a period of six (6) months and may also be prohibited from visiting OLT indefinitely.

H. If a Vendor is found to be selling goods at OLT and has not registered to sell goods at OLT, in addition to OLT's remedy set forth in Section III above, OLT in its discretion may prohibit the Vendor from vending at OLT for a period of up to one (1) year and may also prohibit the Vendor from visiting indefinitely.

V. VENDORS OF SERVICES (Massage, Watsu, Other “Hands- On” Therapies)

A. Application, General Guidelines

1. All Vendors of Services must apply to OLT before they may be allowed to provide services at OLT.

2. To apply, a Vendor must complete and submit to OLT an application form along with proof of insurance as required by the State of Colorado (State) that names OLT as an additional insured and a copy of his/her current State license. All Massage Therapists as defined by the State, must be licensed by the State.

3. A non- refundable application fee of $20 is due to OLT when the application is submitted. 

4. OLT will create a public- accessible list, including a posting on its website, of therapists who will be allowed to provide services on OLT grounds. 

5. There is no limit to the number of Massage Therapists who may be eligible to work as independent contractors at OLT, though there is a daily limit of three (3) therapists.

6. Massage Therapists will continue to set their own fees, make their own schedules, and contact or advertise for clients independent of OLT and OLT’s staff. OLT will not be involved in scheduling massages or other Vendor services. OLT will be able to provide to current and potential visitors the names of therapists (if any) who are scheduled for particular days. OLT will not provide any other information to guests about any particular Vendor.

7. The Vendor’s Client Waiver and Release form must be completed, signed by the client, and returned to OLT for each client who receives Vendor services.

8. Massage therapists shall comply with all local, Colorado and federal laws, applicable rules and regulations, as well as OLT conduct guidelines. All Vendors of services shall conduct themselves in a highly professional manner when providing services to clients.

9. Massage for pay, trade or without compensation is not permitted except by approved OLT therapists.

10. Massage is only permitted on the Sauna Deck, at the Pavilion or at the “Mother Tree.” Therapy of any kind is not permitted at any other location on OLT grounds, including private rooms and cabins.

11. Watsu® will be allowed only in the Soaking Pond and only performed by approved OLT therapists. Only one (1) Watsu® or water-based therapist will be allowed to perform Watsu® on any given day.

B. Renting Space to Perform Massage

1. Therapists are not required to reserve space in advance. "Walk- in" space may be rented (by therapists whom OLT allows to provide services) if space is available when the space is requested.

2. All Vendors of Services will receive free admission and will pay a per session rate as determined by OLT. This per session rate must be paid at the end of each day. This space may be used all day from sunrise until dark.

3. Therapists will provide OLT with signed waivers from all of their clients to the at the end of each day.  

C. A Privilege, Not a Right

1. A Vendor who is allowed to provide services at OLT does not create a permanent status for that Vendor. Massage Therapists must maintain their Colorado Massage License in active status and keep their liability insurance current. OLT will re-evaluate on an annual basis or as needed the Vendors who are allowed to provide Services at OLT.

2. If a Massage Therapist is found to be violation of any of the above rules, in addition to OLT's remedy set forth in Section III above, OLT in its discretion may prohibit the Massage Therapist from providing services at OLT indefinitely and may also prohibit the Massage Therapist from visiting OLT indefinitely.  Stricter penalties, up to or including legal action, may be necessary depending on the severity of the infraction. 

Massage Application 


For the education, enjoyment, and well-being of current and future generations, Orient Land Trust: 
promotes a positive clothing-optional experience at all properties including Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Mine and Everson Ranch;
preserves the viewshed, including land acquisition; 
protects natural, wild, agricultural, and historic resources, in the northern San Luis Valley.